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Legacy Books

Having a high quality, glossy coffee table book to tell your story, celebrate your anniversary or promote your organization can be a costly enterprise. But, Blue Beetle Books offers a complete package that provides everything from helping you come up with the concept for your book, to delivering the final copies to your door - all at a price that might surprise even the sceptics amongst you.

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Legacy Book Selections

  • City of Langford
  • VICA

Custom Publishing

Looking for something unique? Have an idea for a book, but need some help in writing it, designing it and producing it? Look no further, Blue Beetle Books offers a complete custom publishing package - you just pick and choose the services you need, or leave the whole publishing project in our capable hands.

We offer a complete turn-key publishing experience. We help you conceptualize and structure your book or magazine effectively; then our ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, design, production and marketing services ensure that you end up with a professional publication that meets your needs. A professionally produced book will increase your credibility and strengthen your branding efforts

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Recent Works

  • Financial Navigator
  • Professional Corporations
  • Fire from the Sky
  • WestShore Magazine

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  • eMagazine - news and advice for small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • eBooks - create your own personalized eLibrary on sales, marketing, HR, leadership, customer service, strategic planning and more!
  • Encore Workshops - deliver them yourself, or let our facilitators deliver them for you.

We can brand any of our Small Business Success and Encore publications with your logo and contact information - you can even add advertisements! Purchase any SBS publication and you’ll be impressing your clients, members, or customers in no time - we write it, you send it - it really is that easy!

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Daniel Leiva,
Enterprise Saskatchewan

"... Its been a great pleasure to work with Blue Beetle Books in putting together a publication for our Succession Planning Project. Besides having a very professional and dedicated team one of the biggest advantages I experienced in working with Mike and Tom have been their great ability to listen and materialize ideas and concepts within our project...." Read More

Shaun Eden,
Johns Southward Glazier Walton & Margetts

"...I wanted to commend you on a job very well done in a very short period of time. I think it will serve very well for the purpose it was designed for, and we're looking forward to distributing copies to our friends and business colleagues..." Read More

Ingrid Vaughan,
WestShore Chamber of Commerce

"The WestShore Magazine did so much to enhance the visibility and brand of our community. It was an immensely popular publication, both with people who lived in our community, and those who were reading about it..." Read More

Robert McCammon, Author

"As an avid reader of military history, I found Fire From The Sky: A Diary Over Japan to be both a treasure-trove of information and a stirring – and often startling – look at the air war over Japan in World War II...." Read More