March 2021
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Funding Available - COVID Safety Protocols

Is Your Business location COVID19 compliant?

Do you Need to? OR Have You?  invested in Safety Protocols?

Up to a $5,000 non-repayable contribution is available to assist you. 

Funding is available for a limited time.

Eligible costs include:

-          Customer and Employee Safety Installations ie, distancing signs for floors

-          COVID19 Posters and Displays

-          Purchase of barriers

-          Widening of Aisles

-          Plexiglass and partitions

-          Signage

-          Other equipment purchases required to support safety

Please note Disposable Personal Protective Equipment  (PPE) is not eligible for support.

The business must have been in operation and viable at March 1, 2020.

The applicant must attest that it has not received funding support for these costs from other sources.

For more details, contact our office at 705-942-9000.

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